Tuesday, December 2, 2014

The ABCs of Travel

A couple weeks ago I posted The ABCs of Me with promise that I would soon post my ABCs of Travel. I absolutely love making lists so its no surprise that I had a lot of fun making this one. Hope you enjoy!

Age I first traveled- I think I was about 11 or 12. I went to the Bahamas and soon after I went to Mexico.

Biggest Traveling Fear- Finally making it wherever I’m going but that my luggage won’t.

Cuisine- Spanish, Italian, or Mexican. Any of those will do.

Destination- Currently in Laos

Event Abroad- I was in London as the start of the 2012 Olympics.

Favorite Mode of Transportation- I love flying, but I can never stay awake. I have a talent for sleeping on anything that is in motion. Whether it’s a car, plane, train, boat, or bus I will pass out if it’s longer than 20 minutes (and I’m not the one driving). I’ve even been able to fall asleep while riding in a tuk-tuk.

Greatest feeling while traveling- The excitement of it all. I always feel like a kid on Christmas morning when I travel.

Hottest place I’ve ever travelled to- Phenom Penh, Cambodia. As soon as I walked out of the airport I was drenched in sweat.

Incredible Service- Heaven forbid that you carry your own suitcase in any hotel in Southeast Asia. If you’re a guy it might be a different story, but as a girl the hotel staff insisted that they carry it all for me.

Journey that took the longest- Denver-LAX-Hong Kong-Phenom Penh

Keepsake- My Spanish soccer jersey. It’s lucky I tell you. I swear to you that it is the reason Spain won the Euro cup in 2012 (that and there amazing soccer skills; just ignore this past year’s World Cup. I knew I should never have washed it.)

Letdown site and why- Pisa, Italy. You hear so much about the gravity defying leaning tower, then you see it, and that it all it is. A tower that is leaning, big deal.

Moment you fell in love with travel- My first trip to Europe. I was thirteen. How could a thirteen year old not love roaming around Europe without the supervision of her parents at every turn? For the record I was very much supervised. It was an academic trip and there were teachers supervising me at every turn, but nevertheless I loved Europe.

Nicest hotel- Le Sirenuse in Positano, Italy. I mean look at that view!

Obsession- what I photograph while traveling- I am such a people watcher and I love snapping candid photos of unsuspecting locals or other tourist.

Passport Stamps- I really don’t have that many despite having traveled quite a bit. But once you are in the EU they don’t give you stamps when traveling between countries. I do, however, have two stamps for England, one for Portugal, one for Guatemala, and one for Italy.

Quirkiest attraction- I haven’t really been to too many “quirky” attractions. I will say I thought the Tate Modern in London was a little quirky though.

Really frightening travel experience- This actually happened quite recently. My friends and I were riding to Kuang SI waterfall and our tuk-tuk driver was going so fast. We were speeding around curves and I was just waiting for the moment we drove off the edge of the mountain.

Splurge- While studying abroad in Spain, a friend and I spontaneously booked a trip to Paris.

Touristy things I’ve done- Some friends and I posed (well attempted to pose) like the Beatles while walking across Abbey Road.

Unforgettable moment- When Spain won the Euro 2012. Being in Spain to celebrate with the locals is something I will never forget.

Visas- A few from Laos, one for Cambodia, and one for Thailand.

Where to next- My current top five are Greece, New Zealand, Argentina, India, and The Netherlands.

eXellent view- The walk along Holy Rood in Edinburgh, Scotland

Years Spent Traveling- After this year in Laos, if you add all my time abroad up together it will equal about a year and a half total.

Zealous sports fan- Without a doubt the Spanish. !Yo soy Espanol!


Amanda @ Rhyme & Ribbons said...

Hurray for ABC posts! I wish I got my passport stamped within Europe to be honest ;) x

adventuresofalondonkiwi said...

What a fantastic collection of travel memories!

Chiara Pannozzo said...

This such a lovely post! And I love your food choices. Italian, Spanish and Mexican cuisines are all so tasty!x

Dani said...

Thank you! Glad to hear someone shares my taste in cuisines!

Dani said...

Thank you!

Dani said...

I know. I love Europe and I would like to be able to show off all the places I've been by having more stamps in my passport!

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