Tuesday, November 18, 2014

The ABCs of Me

I have seen a couple of different ABC posts floating around the bloggersphere. I love reading them, and have decided to do it myself. This week I will be posting the ABCs of Me and next week I will be doing another one I really like called the ABCs of Travel. So let' get started sh'all we.

Age- I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling twenty-two

Birthday- April 9th

Color- Turquoise and green but not necessarily those colors together

Dogs- My puppy Sam(antha)! I LOVE her She isn't really a puppy anymore, and this picture is a horrible representation of her. She is now a dog that doesn't realize how big she is and knocks things over with every turn she makes. As much as I love my dog, truth be told I have dreamed of having a pet pig ever since I first watched Uptown Girls.

Experience- Right now I am living in Laos. It is quite an experience if I do say so myself.

Fear- spiders, mice, puppets

Guilty Pleasures- In college my roommate and I never missed an episode of the Bachelor.

Height- short

Injuries- Too many to count, I’ve always been clumsy. Though I believe my first serious injury was when I broke my arm in the second grade.

Job- Currently teaching English in Southeast Asia. In the future I would like to continue travelling and writing.

Kids- I’m still a kid myself.

Love- My students here in Laos. They are A-MAZING!

Most Missed- Right now home; especially with all the holidays coming up.

Nicknames- Dani & my best friend from middle school calls me phantom. (as in Danny Phantom)

One Wish- To get paid to travel the world or at least just have my travels paid for.

Picture that Describe You- 

Quote- “In Kindergarten they asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up, I said happy. They told me I didn’t understand the assignment; I told them they didn’t understand life”

Restaurant- Anywhere serving Mexican food or Breakfast food. I’m also a fan of La Noche, Willy’s (that’s for you dad), and Panera Bread. Here in Luang Prabang I really like Pilgrim’s CafĂ© and Joma; so check ‘em out if you’re ever on this side of the planet.

Siblings- 2 older half-sisters and then of course there are all my ZTA sisters. (The sisterhood is real y’all)

Time of Day- Mornings for sure. I wake up at 5am almost every day and without an alarm clock thank you very much.  I think sleeping in is 7:00.

Unusual Habit- I walk on my toes. Not sure if that counts as a habit, but I’ve done it ever since I was a little girl.

Vehicle- My little motor bike. It’s the best for getting around here in Laos, and only having to pay the equivalent of $2 to fill up the tank is the icing on the cake.

Worst Pet Peeves- When people's tags stick out of the back of their shirt. If I know you well enough I will probably tuck it back in for you; if I don't know you I will probably politely inform you that your tag is sticking out. 

X-rays- I had one when I broke my arm and I’m sure I’ve had a couple others as well.

Yummy Food You Make- I love baking especially cupcakes. One of my favorites that I made right before I left home was a blueberry maple pancake cupcake. I thought it was pretty tasty.  I rarely make the same thing twice though; there are just too many recipes to try.

Zoo Animals- Elephants and Giraffes most definitely!


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