Friday, December 26, 2014

December Snapshots

Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas! I definitely did. The day started off opening gifts my family sent, drove downtown to borrow some WiFi for skyping my parents, went to say good-bye to my Lao teacher as she is off to India for a a few weeks, and then headed over to a friends house for Christmas brunch.

Between the carol sings and endless amounts of cookies the whole month of December felt like one long Christmas celebration actually.

Santa Claus delivered presents via motorbike

There was some makeshift Christmas tree decorating

early morning futbol games

Coconut carving and eating after school 

Gingerbread house making

Hmong new year celebrating

Christmas eve lunches with students

secret Santa gift giving (my secret Santa knows me well)

Facebook messages being sent. Including pictures of my "puppy" back home. (sorry, couldn't resist)

And french toast eating, hot chocolate drinking, and White Christmas watching.

Though I was sad that I was once again missing out on all my favorite traditions by not being home, I still had a really great Christmas. And not to sound cliche but I can't believe that 2014 is almost over. I remember saying last January that this is the year I leave for Laos, and now this January will mark 6 months since I left my home in Georgia. Crazy! isn't it?! Again hope everyone had as "Laosy" of a holiday as I did. Merry Christmas Everyone!


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