Monday, April 7, 2014

Why Laos?

The number one question I get asked after telling someone I am going to Laos for a year is "Why Laos?" Well actually its usually the number two question. The number one question is "What is a Laos?" But after I explain to people that Laos is indeed a country and is not to be confused with a louse, they go on to ask why. But to be honest I don't have an answer, and to be even more honest I always thought I would end up back in Spain.

When applying for jobs last semester I only knew that I wanted to go abroad. I wasn't ready to settle down but I was eager (still am) to explore the world. I wanted adventures and I wanted to live a life that I would be proud of. As cliché or silly as it may sound I had dreams that I wanted to make a reality, and I didn't want to grow up without doing what I always said I would.

I began researching for different ways to work abroad and someone suggested that I look into teaching English. So I began applying and was lucky enough to be accepted to work with an organization that sends teachers over to various countries in Asia. I had never been to Asia before and was really open to going to any country they would want to send me. Despite my mom insisting that I choose China, I really wanted to keep an open mind. After a few interviews and personality tests the organization gave me a couple choices that they thought would be a good fit for me, Laos and Vietnam. Being who I am I immediately began reading up and researching the two countries. I already knew quite a bit about Vietnam of course, but not Laos. I could have easily fallen into the What is a Laos category before I was accepted. Laos is known for being a friendly and happy culture and is often referred to as the Land of Smiles. It is close to Thailand (somewhere I have always wanted to visit) and is similar in culture. I immediately loved the idea of living in such a happy and friendly place, but I was still open to being sent to either country. I simply wanted to leave my decision up to fate, wherever I was supposed to be is where I would end up. Lucky for me that place ended up being the Land of Smiles.

Though I am not there yet, I am already madly in love with this country. Googling pictures and reading blogs of people living there just makes me that much more excited. I am so lucky to have this opportunity. And though I don't have a real answer to why Laos, my best reasoning is "why not?"

Laos Market- Google Images


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