Saturday, October 11, 2014

A Place To Call Home

The good news: I am finally settled into a home! The bad news: I've been a terrible blogger. The good news: I promise to start blogging more regularly again!

The new home

After two long long months of living out of my suitcase and moving from country to country and hotel to hotel I am finally in a home and officially living (and teaching) in the LP. The house is conveniently located on the same road of the schools my roommate and I are teaching at which allows for lots of opportunities for students to drop by and hang out. Though only one has thus far. But fear not for I have high hopes that we will soon be the cool teachers on the block.

First day of school, and for the record the color coordinating outfits were not planned

We're also on the outskirts of town with Lao neighbors on every side allowing us to experience true local life. (though if we are being honest this town is so small I can get to the westernized downtown area in almost no time at all, which at times is definitely a blessing)

For now when we aren't teaching my roommate and I spend our free time lesson planning or coloring with our cute little next door neighbors. They first popped their heads in the day we moved in, coming up to our windows and watching us as we unpacked. Over the next few days they timidly began making their way to the other side of the front door and into our living room. My roommate and I only being able to speak broken Lao looked for ways to entertain the girls, offering them the universal language of paper and markers.

Now we've been in the house for two weeks and if the door is open it is safe to assume that two little girls might waltz in at any moment with numerous friends or relatives. They know where we keep the markers and paper and have no problem pulling them out and making themselves comfortable on our kitchen floor. They point to the Little Mermaid DVD to indicate they want to watch a movie or to my phone meaning they either want to listen to music or take pictures. Sometimes they even break out my roommates guitar and serenade us with the ABCs.

Ling and Manao
Neighbors and Friends

Living here has without a doubt been an adjustment, but at times it all seems so natural. There are things that people back home will comment on, making note of the differences between here and there, and I hadn't even noticed before. Like the fact that it's a little abnormal to have handfuls of children barging in your doors everyday when none of those children are your own or eating sticky rice with every meal. But that's the thing about life and living in new places. You quickly forget a sense of what is normal and you just go with it. 


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