Sunday, September 14, 2014

Waterfalls and Elephant Rides

So I've already mentioned how beautiful Laos is and it truly is gorgeous.

I mean, seriously?? I get to see this view on a daily basis?!

Luang Prabang continually amazes me with its mountains, rivers, and the endless amounts of green growing all around; so how could it ever possibly be any more wonderful here? Well with waterfalls and elephant rides of course!

This weekend my teammates and I hitched a ride on a tuk tuk up to Tat Sae where we imagined we would find a nice little waterfall flowing into a small pond at the bottom. What we got instead was a beautiful cascade of aquamarine waters flowing into pools perfect for swimming. And not just swimming with other people but with elephants! Yes that's right elephants!

Elephants just happen to be one of my favorite animals and so being up close to these beautiful creatures made my heart feel like it was going to burst with joy.

The afternoon was the perfect remedy after an exhausting week of learning Lao and sweating profusely.


Yalanda_Meshell said...

Wow! What a great way to spend a weekend! We are debating a trip to Vietnam or Thailand in February...your posts may sway our decision!

Amanda @ Rhyme & Ribbons said...

Oh my goodness. It looks so beautiful. My jealousy that I mentioned when you said you were skipping fall has just exploded! x

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