Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Halloween from the LP

Halloween is over here in Laos, but I hope the rest of you back home are having a blast finishing up a night of trick or treating and pumpkin carving. I spent my day teaching my classes about the holiday telling them all about how people dress up and children knock on doors asking for candy. They must have really loved the idea because later in the evening a group of my students came knocking on my door yelling "trick or treat" with bags open waiting for their candy. Because this is Laos and I wasn't expecting any trick or treaters, I didn't have any candy on hand so I ran around my house looking for anything I could put in their bags to play along in the Halloween fun. I gave them bananas. Now don't judge me; bananas are usually served as dessert anyway here in Laos so I think it made a good substitute.

I hung out with my students for a little while longer before heading downtown to a little books and tea shop where they were playing Warm Bodies. Though I missed not being able to see all the adorable children in their costumes it was nice to have a relaxing and quiet Halloween (well quiet if you don't count the music that was blaring next door). And my roommate and I even managed to create a little fall magic of our own. Between roasting pumpkin seeds and making muffins we forgot all about the fact that it is still in the high 80s and the leaves are still as green as they were when we arrived. 


Jen Dang @ Skirt The Rules said...

Haha I would totally take a banana as a treat! Glad to see you had a little Halloween fun abroad!

xo Jen
Skirt The Rules

Amanda @ Rhyme & Ribbons said...

There aren't really any trick or treaters here in England either. I really miss them! It's so cute that your students decided to surprise you though! x

Dani said...

Thanks! I wouldn't deny a banana as a treat either!

Dani said...

I guess seeing little trick or treaters run around is one of the sacrifices of living abroad. But my students were the best substitute for trick or treaters that I could have asked for.

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