Sunday, June 14, 2015

Teaching in Laos // Behind the Scenes

As you read this I am probably packing up the last of my things and getting ready to catch a flight to Bankgok. From there I will head to Seoul for a couple days where I will do my best to avoid the MERS virus and eat some authentic kimchi. Then I will finally make my way back to the USofA.

I am still coming to terms with the fact that my year teaching in Laos is over. Wasn't it just yesterday that my cousin dropped me off in Greeley for TEFL training? Sheesh.. And you can bet that there have been some hardcore tears shed this week. I'm talking the Kim Kardashian ugly cry here.

And as this year comes to a close and I begin my long journey back to the States, I wanted to share with you what life is truly like here in Laos. Sure I spend a lot of time doing observations, lesson planning, grading homework, and trying to figure out how exactly this indirect communication thing works, but that's not really what being a teacher is about. But instead of me rambling on about all the joys of teaching and living in Laos, I will stop here and you can see for yourself. 


Homestead Wishing said...

It looks like it was a whole lot of fun!

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