Wednesday, June 10, 2015

LP Bucketlist

Back in the first days of my Laosy adventure when there wasn't much to do besides sitting in a guesthouse or studying Lao, I created my LP bucket list. Now with less than a week left I am proud to say I have crossed off every item on my list. 

Ride an Elephant

I know there is a lot of debate about whether riding elephants is ethical or not.. but let's not get into that right now. The point is I love elephants and had a blast swimming and splashing around with these beautiful creatures. 

Visit Tat Sae and Kuang Si

If only I had know how many times I would actually visit Kuang Si. (note: it was a lot of times) Fortunately it is a beautiful place and definitely worth multiple visits. Tat Sae is also beautiful but dries up during the hotter months.

Sunset at PhuSi

Have you really even been to Luang Prabang, if you haven't walked up PhuSi?

Boat ride on the Mekong

My friends and I took a boat to Pak Ou cave. The boat ride was amazing.. the cave was not.

Have an entire conversation in Lao

It was definitely broken Lao. And mostly consisted of talking about what I ate for breakfast, but I did it. (Since its just a little bit difficult to take a picture of a conversation, please enjoy this series of pictures of me being tied up and fed yogurt) (Also, I just noticed I am wearing the same exact outfit right now that I am wearing in these pictures #outfitrepeater)

Pak Ou Cave

One word.. disappointment. But at least I got to spend time with these lovely ladies. 

Visit a Lao village

You can read about my morning at Hua's village here

See the monks during the morning alms

Many foreigners go downtown to watch the monks, but living among the locals meant that I could watch this Buddhist tradition from the steps of my own house.

Learn to cook a Lao meal

Celebrate Pi Mai Lao

I celebrated and then I locked myself in my house. So much water, so much traffic, there is no escape.

 Do you have any city bucket lists? or travel bucket lists?


Katie B said...

Great photos! And great idea for a city bucket list. I'd so love to ride an elephant!!

Dani @ The Postcard Journals said...

You should come to Southeast Asia. Lots of elephant riding here!

Kate said...

I think the issue with whether riding elephants is ethical or not revolves around those places in Thailand or Cambodia where the elephants have chairs or platforms strapped to their bodies and tourists ride in those, or those ones where they 'break' the baby elephants into being tame. I read an article once saying that if you wanted to ride the elephants, going for places where they have you ride in that spot behind the ears (where it's comfortable for the elephants) rather than in a chair on their backs is much better, and also that bathing and swimming with the elephants is a better alternative. So I think your experience was a good one!

(I could be wrong though, would be open to correction.)

Katie B said...

I shall!! I shall one day! Lots of travelling the agenda :)

Sky @ Blonde Freedom said...

This is so cool! You've gotten to do a lot of really neat things. Riding elephants looks like a blast to me! I definitely have cities/places I want to travel to, but I should work on a things to do bucket list.

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