Thursday, May 7, 2015

Judah & The Lion // Playlist

Thanks to my roommate introducing me to Noise Trade and Noise Trade introducing me to Judah and the Lion, I have found a new musical obsession. Judah and the Lion is basically a southern version of Mumford and Sons and I can't stop listening. The only problem is that all their songs make me a little homesick. And with just over a month until I am back in the States I am feeling that itch to be back more than ever. (Note: I still love Laos, and am currently trying to find a way to bring everything I love about this country *cough cough my students cough cough* home with me.) Anyway, I wanted to share with you a few of my favorite Judah and the Lion songs that remind me of home.

I grew up in Tennessee so I can relate. Tennessee >>> Alabama

This one is my personal favorite and probably makes me miss home the most

Okay, this one isn't by Judah and the Lion but it is one of my favorite songs. And it goes along with the missing the south and travel theme. Also there is that whole Tennessee thing I can relate too again.

And now back to Judah and the Lion. Not about travel or the south but I am a twenty-something that has no idea what she is doing once she goes home... so yah there's that. 


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