Sunday, May 24, 2015

A Laosy Life Update

I have been a terrible blogger these past couple weeks. But I promise I have a good excuse reason. Finals week was pushed up by a whole three weeks and so I've spent my time trying to finish up the textbook, write exams, and spend as much time with students before they leave to go home. This upcoming week is going to be extremely busy and difficult as well. I have several farewell or as my one student called them welfare parties coming up and lots of grading to do. Also Saturday is going to be goodbye with many of my students. Most of them will go back to their hometowns after they finish exams and i'll just be hanging around LP until I leave for Korea. Oh did I mention I am going to Korea. Just for a few days before heading the rest of the way home. So many adventures, so bittersweet.

Now onto updates of life in Laos via pictures

A couple weekends ago the Foreign Language Department had a soccer tournament, and my year 2 girls won! 

I even got to play with them. I'm the very non Asian looking person in the left corner.

A group of us made and ate spaghetti with our favorite Hmong family.

The spaghetti party continued when I invited my year two students over for dinner.

Then I had enough Spaghetti and my co-teacher came over and taught me how to make Lao food. I promise to share the recipes with you soon!

I also filmed and interviewed my students this week. Some of them were too shy, but these two boys made up their own mock interview and performed it in front of the class. They even shook hands a very non Lao thing to do.

While filming my class I also tried to sneak around and take pictures of my students. These guys caught me in the act.

Class photo!

This week also included lots of Baby Pineapple cuddles. Can I please take her back to America with me??

Ling and I also drew each other's portraits. I made this one of her..

And she drew this one of me.................... ummm.. so.. yeah...

And finally today some students, friends, and I went on a hike to Pottery Village where they make lots of pottery #captainobvious

On the way we got caught in the rain and used giant leafs as umbrellas

We falangs enjoyed the rain, our students thought we were strange. What else is new?


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