Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Atlanta Soccerfest

This past Sunday a couple friends and I went down to Atlanta Soccerfest to watch the USAvsPortugal game at Brookhaven Park. It was absolute blast! They set up two large screens and around 20,000 people showed up to watch the game. Now let me tell you there is nothing like watching a game with a lively and enthusiastic crowd. I've been watching all the other games from my couch usually by myself but I don't know if I can go back to that especially after Sunday. I am in a desperate search to find friends who aren't working on Thursday to go watch the game with me. 

In addition to the USA game the park played both of the earlier games as well as had lots of booths and soccer games going on. My friends and I arrived around lunch time so we began our day by checking out all the local food trucks. I went with Mac the Cheese who catered my sister's wedding earlier this year.

And then stopped at the ice cream stand and bought a Frozen Chocolate Banana for dessert. I used to make and eat these as a kid but haven't had one in years. Just as good as I remember!

Once we finished our lunches we walked around to all the booths and played a couple of games. Then after a while my friend set up her ENO and we chilled out for while, kicking around a soccer ball, checking scores of the earlier games, and people watching until it was time for the USA game.

As I mentioned earlier I had a great time at Atlanta Soccerfest and I think every game should be watched this way! Watching the USAvsGermany game tomorrow from my couch just won't be the same. Fingers crossed though that the USA will win. If the team wins or ties Germany tomorrow they will progress. Though we are still the underdog we do have an advantage. The USMNT's (United States men's national team) coach used to play and coach the German team. So hopefully his insider information will give us a one up on the Germans! 



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