Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Chiang Mai

Finally getting around to posting the pictures from my adventures in Chiang Mai. I surprisingly didn't take very many. I brought my camera along with every intention of taking tons of pictures, but I didn't touch it a single time I was there. Instead all the photos I have are some quick snapshots I took with my phone.

My lack of photos from Chiang Mai isn't because I didn't enjoy my time there, but more the opposite. I got so caught up in being with people I hadn't seen for a while that blogging and photo taking were no longer in the forefront of my mind. It was so great to hear stories from friends who are teaching in other parts of Asia. (I also feel that I talked everyone's ear off about Laos, but I mean if you've ever been to Laos you would understand) And even though I missed Laos it was hard to say goodbye. I was having so much fun that I didn't want it to ever end.

But enough of me just telling you that my time in Chiang Mai was great, here are the handful of pictures I managed to snap (& steal from Facebook).

A group of us took a trip to Art in Paradise, a 3D art museum.

Another day was spent at the Zoo feeding the animals

Many mornings were spent at Starbucks soaking up bit of Western life that Laos does not have. I shamelessly admit that I devoured a lot of the western food Thailand has to offer. Thailand is very similar to Laos is many ways, but one thing they have that we don't is Western restaurants. I took advantage of it while I could.

I drank a lot of smoothies and fruit shakes as well. Which I do have in Laos, but they are just so good. And Chiang Mai has an abundance of strawberries (and really good strawberries at that) so I stuffed myself with those while I could.

I pushed my way through the terribly crowded Sunday night market.

And though I admittedly ate a lot of western food while I was in Thailand, I did try some of the local foods. For example when my friend and I ate a cricket. How did it taste you ask. Look at the pictures and decide for yourself.  


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